We Need You!!
We need volunteers constantly since volunteers help us in many ways both with the atmosphere and the work. We need easy going happy people who come to travel, enjoy and have fun while they travel. We wouldn’t ask for a commitment as we would never ask a person to stay if he is unhappy but we would need people for a month or more. 
If you are chasing the best time of your life I am sure you will find it with us! 
Except for the atmosphere and vibe, we have the best location close to all major attractions in town and just overlooking Liverpool and the Mersey River. 

Our hostel is located in a hip neighbourhood, it is an easy walk to many local attractions, like Liverpool FC and the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

We have been lucky to reach 3800 applications for working at the hostel as volunteers and we appreciate the feedback and experience people receive here.
We hope your time can bring value in the hostel to our visitor experiences and in you visiting Liverpool as part of our cultural exchange volunteering programme and in return you receive free boarding and breakfast.
We offer a min 4 weeks because it takes time to ensure each member who joins can manage a shift on their own. You will learn fast and work shifts 2-4 days of training. Its simple and very logical; check in, check out, breakfast, cleaning, baggage storage, where to go in Liverpool etc.
The working programme is 4X shifts a week, working 4 hours per shift and each shift is mixed of computer updates of bookings, responding to emails, breakfast setup, cleaning, playing games, singing, gardening and a lot of social connecting so you’ll soon be speaking full English or another language.
The staff sleep in mixed staff dorms for *staff only*, the hostel has a site Manager and supervisors who manage the operations overseeing.
A. Can you confirm your dates and when you can be available?
B. Send in a short 30-sec video or share a link explaining why us and what you can bring to our team?
C. Provide your passport copy and cv thus a reference of your last job if you have one?
The dates are essential to slot each member joining and leaving to ensure we have sufficient staff coverage.
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